7th Annual Pulmonary Embolism Symposium On-Demand

Welcoming & Opening Remarks

Epidemiology and Demographics

Moderators: Rachel Rosovsky, MD and Jana Montgomery, MD

Diagnosis of PE

Moderators: Tim Morris, MD and Andrew Klein, MD

Workshop A – IVC Filer: successes, failures, and controversies

Workshops A – Mechanical Support

Workshop B - POCUS: Echo in PE

Workshop C - Where are the Data? It Might Be Here: Trials and Registries in PE and VTE

Workshop C – Innovations in PE Management: New Devices and Concepts

Post PE Follow Up and Care

Moderators: Roy E. Smith, MD and Charles Grodzin, MD

High Risk PE - Cases that Raise your Blood Pressure and What to Do About Them

Keith Sterling, MD, Joshua Goldberg, MD, Oren Friedman, MD

Moderator: Jay Mathews Giri, MD, MPH

Intermediate Risk PE Panel Discussion

Moderators: Emily Gundert, MD and Menno Huisman, MD

Low Risk PE Panel Discussion

Low Risk PE Panel Discussion: Menno Huisman, MD Allison E. Burnett, PharmD, Jeffrey Kline, MD

Moderators: Scott Kaatz, DO and James Horowitz, MD


Moderators: Eric Secemsky, MD and Christopher Kabrhel, MD


Moderators: Mateo Porres-Aguilar, MD and Scott Cameron, MD

Regulatory Pathways and Hurdles in Pulmonary Embolism Management

Moderators: Kenneth Rosenfield, MD and Ted Killory, JD

Bleeding Cases to Make You Think Twice

Moderators: Gregory Piazza, MD and Michael McDaniel, MD


Moderators: William Auger, MD and Richard Channick, MD


Moderators: Belinda Rivera-Lebron, MD and Thomas M. Todoran, MD